5G Hazards

5G Hazards : An issue of concern! Possible EMF Hazards on Human

Most of us are really happy with the conveniences of the modern world. A very few people are aware of the possible health risks presented by the modern world gadgets such as EMF hazards.In this article, we will provide you a better understanding of EMF hazards on humans.

Do you know that too much exposure to the human body to EMF can cause some serious diseases such as cancer? Yes, you read it right! All the electronic devices which emit high-level EMF are hazardous. Note that devices that emit low-intensity EMF waves are not very dangerous; we are just concerned about technologies that emit high-intensity EMF waves such as 5G.

You might not believe it but let me break it to you, the laptop or mobile in your hand emits high-level EMF radiations that can even affect your DNA. Electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, microwaves, and others emit different EMF waves.

It means that a massive amount of EMF radiations already surrounds the world, but by launching 5G, the risks are now greater than before. So, it is high time that you find a solution for it.

So, let’s see how EMF affects your health and are 5G hazards real or just rumors. Also, you will get a solution to save you from the high intensity of EMF waves.

Note that devices that emit low-intensity EMF waves are not very dangerous; we are just concerned about technologies that emit high-intensity EMF waves such as 5G.

EMF exposure effects

According to many scientists, EMF can cause serious diseases and can affect your body’s nervous system. Also, according to some researchers, exposure to EMF can damage your body cells. The high exposure to EMF can cause cancer and unusual growth. However, a little exposure can also affect your health. Some of the symptoms are:

  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders.
  • Headache.
  • Depression.
  • Fatigue and tiredness.
  • Lack of focus.
  • Memory changes.
  • Dizziness.
  • Irritability.
  • Weight loss and appetite problems.
  • Nausea.
  • Burning of skin and tingling.

All the world health institutes are conducting researches to confirm these symptoms. Some say that it is true; however, some deny it. But a large number of scientists approve that the high exposure of EMF can cause these symptoms. Well, why take a risk? You should protect yourself from it as much as possible.

Cellphones are now the must-haves of our lives, but, in future technology dangerous? You might have heard the rumors about the high emitting EMF of 5G. Let’s see how much it is true!

5G Hazards on Human Beings

The 5G has opened a new era for mobile internet. The current internet service, 3G and 4G cannot support self-driving cars, road safety, other intelligent transport systems, 3D video, and others because the 4G speed is limited and gets interruptions a lot. Whereas 5G technology will provide light-fast speed internet and, also, handle the interruption problems. But is it safe?

There has been public concern about 5G emitting high-intensity EMF waves and imparts threat to human health. To some extent, it’s true! It might emit high-intensity EMF waves.

The main objective of 5G was to cover all urban areas with uninterrupted wireless communication. However, to achieve this objective, 5G must make a very dense network of antennas and transmitters. In simple words, the 5G technology will require installing more antennas.

Now, this raises a question in people’s minds. More antenna means more exposure to EMF waves that include children. However, according to researchers, the 5G technology will not introduce high-intensity EMF waves that affect human health.

The researchers concluded 5G technology is the need of today’s generation. But also asked for medical organizations, engineers, and physics experts to conduct deep research on it.

Still, it would help if you remembered that a dense network of antennas would induce some EMF waves. The researchers might approve the 5G safe, but the EMF still imposes a danger to human health. So, your priority should be keeping yourself away from it as much as possible. For that, we have provided some basic practices to avoid EMF exposure.

Protection from EMF exposure

The modern world technology has surrounded us so that one cannot think of a life without it. However, health factors must be taken into account. For the safety of your health, protection from EMF exposure is crucial.

As we know that EMF exposure cannot be completely avoided, we can only reduce high-level exposure. To do that, you should distance yourself from your phone whenever possible. When not needed, please don’t hold your phone in your hand; keep it away from you, especially when you sleep. When talking to someone on a phone call, use the speaker option or earbuds when possible to keep the phone away from your ear.

Furthermore, you can also use smartphones that are certified for reducing the emitting EMF waves. Thus, saving you from EMF hazards.

To avoid high-level EMF exposure, only receive X-Rays when it is essential. Otherwise, avoid it because it is a source of very high-level EMF waves and might affect your health differently.

Moreover, we know that the sun is also one of the sources of EMF. One should avoid sun-bathe as it is like exposing your body to EMF waves; it can also affect your health. So, limit your time in the sun.


There are natural sources of EMF and some human-made sources, but one should try to avoid it whenever possible. The scientists have conducted deep research on humans’ EMF hazards but found a weak connection between low-level EMF exposure and health issues, like cancer.

However, high-level exposure may cause neurological and physiological problems due to its impact on the nervous system. But in most cases, there are fewer chances of high-level exposure to EMF in everyday life. Although you are safe, you should not forget that EMF exists, and high-level exposure will affect your health. So, avoiding it is the best option.

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