EMF Hazards

EMF Hazards on Human’s Health

5G represents the network speed used on cellular and broadband. It is the next generation technology made for wireless networking technology. Recent reports have been coming out on Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) made from 5G networks are causing hazards on humans beings’ health. Such detail has shown the possibility that this new technology could be dangerous to human health. Nonetheless, human life is more important than future technology. 5G has proved to be a faster and effective network, but if its technology comes at the price of human health, it is a high and dangerous cost. 5G hazards on human beings need to be investigated.

5G EMF Risks Analysis and Research

World Health Organization stated, “No antagonistic health effects have been customary as being caused by cellular phone usage.” However, The World Health Organization, together with the International Agency of Research on Cancer, has categorized all radio and cell phone signals that produce EMF can be carcinogenic. 

Nonetheless, classification indicated that there is inadequate information for confirmation of carcinogenicity in humans and animals. Yet, the International Agency of Research’s position is that no contrary health effect has been connected with disclosure to EMF as the radiation’s non-ionizing nature is harmless and causes zero damage to DNA or tissues. In contrast, evidence has been presented for this result.

However, some thoughts could have restrained effects, like long-term exposure to EMF can cause various types of cancers unless proof is presented from epidemiological and zoological studies. 

Physiological properties of EMF radiations changes with the rate of disclosure, so the beginning of 5G prompted a major international criticism of related EMF or different radiation safety precautions breaches, which were later on settled. Nonetheless, there was no proof or proper research on EMF rays being harmful to health as some researchers have proven them wrong.

As the Frequency gains height, the dispersion deepens in tissues of skin and eyes, making its way to the brain’s health issue. The major problem is that the energy levels involved in mobile and other cellular telecommunications are deficient, which causes just a small amount of increase of temperature in the body tissues.

New Analysis Technology Development for EMF Radiation

Researchers and scientists are planning to create a biomolecular process machine that would scale up to body tissues and cells, which would provide checkups for the risk of EMF radiation. As long as the emission of EMF rays is controlled according to the government’s health guidelines, it is harmless to the public. If the analysis becomes successful, then 5G hazards can be found. 

Evidence Indicating the Possibility of Hazards from EMF

According to the European Parliamentary Research Service, it is noticed that some people have complained about the EMF hazards on humans while some don’t even believe it. Scientific concern has been increasing as 254 scientists from 45 nations have complained and have requested a proper recheck or research from the International Agency of Research on Cancer on the EMF radiations. A sudden increase in nervous and endocrine disruption has been noticed. 

International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation has stated that there is no harm from EMF radiations as long as the cellular and network companies follow the health guidelines. At the same time, it is expected that the IARC health risk judgment will perform research on EMF and analyze the complete radiofrequency details and would publish documents, which would bring some precision to the 5G hazard on human beings.

Government Action Against EMF Radiation

According to safety guidelines, some countries government has passed down laws to take off the antennas of 5G networks. An increasing number of countries, including Australia, Italy, Ireland and Switzerland, the United States of America, Nigeria, etc. these countries have adopted extra safety measures and halted the rollouts naming it as the publics’ demand.

Growing distress in the assurance market for 5G networking. London rejected the idea that long exposure to EMF can cause health risks. In Australia, many cellular companies registered difficulties in getting insurance against radio frequency due to EMF radiation exposure risk. Risk managers need to focus due to the insurability of risk is causing strain. 

In many countries, serious action was taken against mobile phone companies to stop the 5G networks’ supply. Due to the public’s serious panic and distress, the government is forced to take serious actions and decrease the 5G facility.


Some protection guidelines are required as though EMF radiations are not that harmful but keeping some distance is better, especially if you are one of those who stick to their cell phones, computers, or other EMF radiation electronics.

Since too long exposure to the phone can cause EMF hazard in the long run. Some people keep their phones in their hands, which is not safe. However, cellular devices should be kept in their pocket after being used, as it does help reduce the EMF radiations.

Distances from devices are also necessary evening sitting to the computer in the distance is also safe. Lowering the usage of the devices can also decrease the risk of damage by EMF radiations.

EMF Protective Gear

Buying an EMF radiation disc will also help you as people are selling these discs and EMF safe covers to prevent the EMF radiations from electronics. Such discs have a layer of protection that protects us from the EMF rays. 

EMF Radiation meter

An EMF radiation scale or meter can also help you see the EMF radiation level a device is transmitting. Still, too much use of it is also not good because it sometimes can give false EMF radiation reading as its overuse can reduce its efficiency and lifespan. Even its use in the presence of sunlight also causes problems in the readings. 


EMF hazards on humans do exist, but researchers have to work hard to attain proper evidence and develop new technology to analyze and achieve those evidence. Until then, there isn’t any strong proof to hold and stop such network services. 5G network does make communication easy, fast, and reliable.

However, precautions are still needed. According to history, human beings have made such inventions and technology, which in the long-run has caused many serious problems such as climate change, global warming, pollution, etc. Based on this, there is a high probability that the 5G hazard can cause problems for us in the future. 

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