EMF Hazards

Health Risks from 5G Radiation

Many people use 5G technology offering greater wireless cellular power to the generation. With it, the concerns about the risks and 5G hazards on human beings are increasing. Health risks due to 5G radiation that represents the evolution in the telecommunication standards enable increased performance.

We can say that 5G is fifth-generation technology that has extended to higher frequencies around 3.5GHz and up to a few tens GHz. The higher frequency which we have already talked about before.

The higher frequencies are new in mobile phones networks but are commonly used in other applications, such as point to point radio links and body scanners for security checks. In this article, we are going to discuss about the risks on human health due to 5G radiations and EMF hazards.


Radiation is of two types ionizing and non-ionizing. Ionizing radiation is not very harmful because they have a smaller frequency, and smaller the frequency, you automatically have a minimum wavelength. We have some rays that are not causing problems like we have microwaves in our home, TV and cell phones commonly used. 

We can say that radiations are any form of energy that transmits from one atom to another. As we knew that heat also comes, your body can be part of radiation as it’s a normal heart. Some form can make you ill and harm you.

Radiation can be organized by its levels of power on the electromagnetic spectrum. Bigger wavelengths with lower frequency are less power. 


This is just one study; you can’t just defiantly be based on this single study. Researchers agree more research is needed. The concerns about the 5G are similar to the concerns about 2G, 3G, and 4G, the earlier generations of wireless service.

It is expected to use 5G in the U.S and use some of the same frequency band rather than the previous generations have of wireless have used. Including low and 600 MHz frequencies as well. They have a mid-band spectrum of 2.5GHz, 3.5GHz, and 3.7-4.2GHz bands.

It comes to my knowledge that some operators are also targeting higher frequency bands for 5G. The FFC sell-off the airwaves in the 24GHz and 2GHz bands. This year, t also sell off the licenses in which the 34GHz, 38GHz, and 47GHz bands.


There are some higher frequencies of 5G networks with many base stations connected with objects. Some beam-forming antennas will be there to focus the signals more efficiently towards the devices in use.  

5G networks always need large numbers of the based station, and the signals spread in a broad direction, which are in current base station antennas. This so-called ”high band” spectrum is of most concern because it will require denser radio deployments. Ionizing radiation, which includes ultraviolet rays and gamma rays, are harmful forms. 

There is known as they have less on the effects of radiation on these higher frequency bands. That’s said, these high-band frequencies are still non-ionizing. As stated earlier, non-ionizing radiation doesn’t matter have enough energy to break apart DNA and directly cause cell changes that lead to cancer. 

 Non-ionizing radiation with a higher frequency is the real problem maker that can cause you different serious illnesses or get you mental stress. These radiations can be dangerous when they are non-ionizing. 

Still, on the other hand, ionizing radiation is not that powerful to harm you, or they don’t have the power to separate the molecule that will cause skin cancer. An electromagnetic field (EMF) is a field of energy that results from electromagnetic radiation; it is a form of energy that occurs due to the flow of electricity. 


We can say that a small cell tower will be installed in a residential neighborhood near houses throughout the district. This is said in a letter to FCC last year. I have researched that these antennas were established outside of a young children’s bedroom window on the light poles directly.

My readers are worried to know that this technology is proven hazardous in the future. There a risk, and the value of their properties would be at serious risk. There are also some additional concerns specific to 5G due to these super high-frequency millimeter wavelengths. Signals transmitted over millimeter waves are limited in range because they have a limited range. These waves cannot pass through any rough surface.

Networks using these frequencies have required radios on every city block, waves versus 4G gear that transmits signals over miles  5G radios are more likely to have transmitting signals, and it is clear to you that the radio has too closer to you. The requirement of 5G is up to five times more infrastructure than 3G or 4G deployments.

A large number of devices which are transmitting signal so closed to people is what concerns with. There is huge research have done by and with the point of view from activists research it shows that the cellphones radiation affects human health and they wanted the 5G deployment has stopped until the safety of these devices can be determined.

A professor Martin Pall, emeritus of biochemistry and basic medical sciences at Washington State University. The university gave clear evidence that mobile phone’s radiation is way more dangerous. He says that the result comes out with the existing maladies medical studies that there is some linkage between the mobile phones and radiation and can definitely cause cancer to infertility to depression.

I was very curious that what are we doing is destroying our health? As in research, it was mentioned that the 5G arrangements were not be stopped at that time. As being in this society, we perform a very bad role in our very survival.

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