EMF Hazards

5G – Health Risks From its Radiations

The twenty-first century is running by technology. Day by day, new, modern, and remarkable innovations are coming into sight. These networks and devices are more helpful and time-saving than the previous one. But the adverse effects of 5G cannot be neglected. People should know both the advantages and disadvantages of technology before its exposure to the people.

5G hazards on human health cause many minor and major problems for humans. 5G is a newbie network for the best connectivity around the world. It gives exceptional services 24 x 7 to connect people all over the world. Its high speed, reliable performance, flexibility, and much more exciting features have made it a breakthrough of networking system.

5G wireless network provides low latency, low power consumption, and high speed with IoT (Internet of Things). We cannot deny the fact that 5G is the best invention, but one cannot ignore its cons as it is in your hands. Fifth-generation 5G Technology has recently been criticized because of the Coronavirus in social media. However, there is no such evidence.

Like previous technologies, the 5G wireless network relies on Radio Frequencies- part of electromagnetic fields EMF, transmitted through the antenna, transmitter or mast, and your phone. 5G uses high frequencies, which allow many devices to connect to the internet simultaneously.


All worldwide networks work with radio frequencies. Radio frequencies are used for connectivity all around the globe for more than a century. 5G uses a high frequency to have a wide utility. In 2014 WHO said that “no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use.” Many research pieces have proved that the radio frequencies are possibly carcinogenic with limited evidence in humans and animals. European Parliamentary Research Service has noticed some health risks related to radio frequencies in some papers.

Many studies by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) suggest that the radio frequencies have non-ionizing radiation that does not cause damage to DNA or tissue. Some concerns regarding endocrine and nervous disorders by these frequencies. EMF health hazards are also reported in some researches.


EMF is produced whenever a piece of electrical equipment is used. Exposure to high levels can cause very serious and unpleasant. The effects depend upon the frequency range and intensity to which the employee is exposed. Low frequency and high frequency have different effects. However, frequencies between 100kHz and 10 MHz can both occur.

Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) is used in the mobile network, and 5G uses a high frequency. Many self-reported symptoms have seen such as headache (53.5%), fatigue (35.6%), difficulties in concentration (32.5%), vertigo/dizziness (30.4%), attention disorders (28.8%), nervousness (28.1%), palpitation (14.7%), low back pain (14.3%), myalgia (12.3%) tinnitus (9.9%). scientists have found these symptoms mainly in the people who use mobile phones, video display terminals, or cordless phones more frequently. 

Some studies have indicated the role of psychological factors in electromagnetic hypersensitivity. A toxicology report released in 2018 by the US Department of Health carried a study in which male rats were exposed to radiofrequency. The rats developed a heart tumor, which leads to the point that radio frequencies can be hazardous. The sun’s ultra-violet rays fall within the EMF category, which can cause skin cancer. 

Some scientist has considered 5G mobile phones effects “fear-mongering” but still not confirmed. Some say that radio frequencies can cause a rise in temperature only after excessive use. More than 500 studies have found that harmful biological or health effects from exposure to RFR intensify too low to cause significant heating.

More than 240 scientists have published appeals regarding the health effects of EMF. The appeal says that numerous scientific publications have shown several EMF hazards on humans. Some of them are increased risk of cancer, cellular stress, increased harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes in the reproductive system, etc.

These hazards are also reported in plants and animals who are exposed to EMF. These disorders have been reported by FCC’s RFR exposure limits, considering the frequency of the carrier waves. The power level involved in mobile and 5G is shallow, which produces a rise in tissues’ temperature up to some degrees.

As 5G also uses Millimetre waves, these waves are mostly absorbed in the surface layers of the cornea of the eyes and within a few millimeters of human skin. Short-term exposure can have adverse effects on the cardiovascular system, nervous system, immune system. Long-term exposure may also cause melanoma, ocular melanoma, and sterility.

5G Considerations by Scientists:

Although many researchers have found some shreds of evidence of harmful effects, yet many scientists and researchers have denied them. Many say that these papers cannot prove that 5G is harmful to health. According to experts, radio frequencies and EMF become saver at higher levels than at lower. This can lead that 5G is not that dangerous as X-rays or ultra-violet rays.

Skin acts as the barrier for high radiation or even sunlight or others, protecting the internal organs and brain from exposure. It does not penetrate. All these effects are infrequent or appear accompanying another cause. The risks are well understood and well-managed. Most researchers agree that there is insufficient data for a meaningful health risk assessment.

We are surrounded by many devices, especially smartphones, which are running by waves and frequencies. Radio, television, and microwave all use different radiations to operate. It means we are constantly exposed to radiation, which can be hazardous for our health. 

5G is still under research every day, due to which its harmful effects are little to no one compared to 2G and 3G. That’s why we cannot conclude that it is so very harmful. 5G provides a ten-fold increase in the speed of data transmission. We should for now concerned only about these benefits which this amazing technology is giving us.

Too many inquiries are being made, but high-quality research is needed regarding health risks due to 5G and EMF. 

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