EMF Hazards

Should you be worried about EMF Hazards?

As we have such a convenient life but have you ever wonder that this convenience can cause health issues? A recent report found that 87% of the world’s population uses electrical gadgets to make their lives easier. We are enjoying all the comforts of high-end devices to all other electrical instruments. However, with the increase in exposure, the use of EMF hazards on human health is also increasing.

However, EMF is produced from human-made sources; one of the great EMF sources can be the Sun. Yes! Sun throws harmful radiations towards the earth, which can be counted as the natural source of EMF. Besides, we every day expose ourselves to man-made EMF sources such as TV, laptops, cellphones, microwaves, etc.

Also, in recent years, scientists have become more conscious of the increased use and hazards of EMF. But, some of them deny the fact of the electromagnetic field being harmful.

So in this article, we will discuss types of harmful EMF, common resources, and worry about its hazards on human health.

Harmful types of EMF:

The studies and comparison found that different products expose two different types of EMF radiations. These types can be categorized into low-level or high-level radiations. Most of the electrical gadgets we have been using in our daily lives produce low-level EMF radiations like TV, Cellphones, and microwaves. However, many scientists have come to the idea that these low-level radiations are harmless to people.

However, high-level radiation can be harmful to human health. They are supposed to produce more damage to internal organs and tissues. The best example of high-level Electromagnetic field radiation can be rays emitting from X-rays or other medical procedures. Also, the ultraviolet rays from the sun are the main natural source of high-level EMF radiation.

Common Electromagnetic filed emitting sources:

Sources producing low-level radiations:

As mentioned, most of the gadgets we are using daily produce low-level and harmful radiations. Some of them are:

  • Wireless wifi routers.
  • Cell phones.
  • Bluetooth speakers or any other Bluetooth devices.
  • Power lines.
  • Microwaves.
  • Energy meters.

Sources producing high-level radiations:

  • X-rays or medical procedures emitting rays.
  • Ultraviolet rays.

The danger level of higher EMF exposure:

With the concept of EMF, radiations are harmful; an Organization (ICNIRP) has offered the guideline for EMF exposure and the level of danger. According to the relevant research, the organization has focused on maintaining certain EMF exposure to prevent human life hazards during daily usage.

Moreover, high-end electrical gadget brands ensure their products to all in the provided guideline. The best way to decrease EMF hazard is to increase or maintain some distance from emitting sources.

Also, you can check the EMF frequency through EMF meters at home to reduce the use. However, those meters would not be recommended for every time use as they may show false accuracy. You should ask for any professional or authentic product that can offer you true accuracy to avoid EMF hazards.

Symptoms causes after exposing too much EMF:

Well, according to many scientists, and can produce a diverse effect on health. However, If you regularly expose to too much EMF, you need to notice the symptoms to save your health. EMF is usually known to target the human nervous system, damages cells, and cause cancer. Moreover, from research, it is founded children can be affected more than adults.

Some of the major symptoms can be noticed as:

  • Lack of concentatrion.
  • Depression or depressive senses.
  • Headaches.
  • Nausea.
  • Restlessness.
  • Anxiety.
  • Loss of weight or appetite.

Prevention from EMF after noticing symptoms:

Suppose you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms; you should work on them to protect yourself. As the debates are still going on, if these EMFs are harmful, precautions are better than cure.

However, you can feel safe while using your cellphones or heating food in the microwave. To reduce the exposure, it is necessary to don’t make those gadgets your daily drivers. If you are using any gadget like cellphone, computers, or others, you should leave them for a while. Moreover, you can practice a good diet, exercise, and walking routine to keep yourself healthy and fit.

Do we need to worry?

With the debate, it does still not confirm whether these rays are harmful to the human body. While through IARC, it is researched that EMF can cause cancer to the human body. With the recent research, it is founded that people using Cellphones more than the usual ones have found Gliomas ( a type of cancer) present on the head’s side, they had been listening through cellphones.

More recent reports have uncovered the link between EMF and leukemia in children. Still, more intense monitoring is needed to put forward an authentic theory in this case finally.

Moreover, dozens of other researches have declared that low-level EMF can produce many neurological and psychiatric problems in humans. Alongside, studies have been found to link the exposure amount and behavioral changes in a human’s mood and sleep.

Bottom line:

While concluding, EMFs can be naturally produced through sources like the sun or produced through man-made sources like cellphones, TV, microwaves, and other appliances. Moreover, we cannot stick to the debate between scientists on whether this field is harmful or not.

We should worry about the exposure as many scientists have pointed out the link between the neurological, psychiatric issue in human health. The EMF is known to disrupt the human nerve function, but it is unlikely to expose to a high-frequency field like an X-ray every day until you work in such a department.

So, be aware of EMF’s existence while you can be smart enough to worry about it. We have tried our best to convey a helpful guide to your way. We would love to know your concerns about this emerging field of research. Do let us know what do you think of it.

Also, keep an eye on the latest news and researches for a better understanding of harmful substances.

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